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Something is stirring up…

Parity proudly presents the Island of Winds, an adventure game set in the awe-inspiring environment of a fantastical 17th century Iceland.

Drawing inspiration from nature, folklore, and history, the game revolves around Brynhildur the Balance Keeper who must go on a journey of discovery when her homestead is attacked and her mentor abducted.

The core gameplay involves a rich story, extensive lore and intriguing puzzles, as well as legendary creatures, spellcasting and a special focus on empathy encounters.

 Island of Winds launches for PC and consoles.

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Brynhildur is the game protagonist and has seen her share of hardship on the Island of Winds. Born to a poor family, she was sold into servitude at a young age and grew up on a large farm without any control over her own life.

For reasons unknown, or perhaps best forgotten, Brynhildur fled into the highlands, choosing the hazardous and lonesome life of exile for a chance at freedom.

It was there, roaming the wilds, where Hrymja chanced upon her and brought Brynhildur under her wing as part of the Balance Keeper Clan. She has lived among them ever since, slowly adapting to her new home in the fjord of Dreitill, as well as forging a new life – one in which she might truly be herself.

But now tragedy has struck and Brynhildur finds herself alone, once again, with a difficult journey ahead.

Hrymja and the Balance Keepers

Hrymja is the leader of the Balance Keepers and mentor to Brynhildur.

She has been sensitive to elemental magic since childhood and lived in close contact with the hidden powers of the land.

In her youth, Hrymja confided in the wrong people and was sentenced to death for witchcraft – a common fate for people overly sensitive to magic. Fortunately, her doom did not go unnoticed by the Balance Keepers. They were able to rescue the young witch and put her into hiding at their base in the fjord of Dreitill, where she rose through the ranks and eventually succeeded as Clan Leader.

Hrymja has devoted her life to keeping a natural balance on the Island of Winds, as well as doing her best to help those in need, although it seems her past may have returned to haunt her.

The role of the Balance Keepers

The role of the Balance Keepers is to work as mediators between the natural world and the realm of humans. Through their intimate relationship with the environment they are able to draw magical power from the hidden creatures of the land – the Elemental Keepers.

They represent different aspects of the environment and appear in various forms. Trolls are the overseers of earthen elements. Elves are the overseers of airy elements. But even rarer are those Elemental Keepers who, according to legend, reside over special areas or stand watch over specific animals.

To regular humans, these guardians all seem like supernatural beings, as they well should be – for as long as the world remains in balance, the Elemental Keepers shall remain hidden to all but the most sensitive people. If one shows up in your area, you can be sure that trouble is truly at hand.

An old folktale from the Island of Winds...

told innumerable times around the campfire at Dreitill. This is the version related by Hrymja, as put down in Brynhild’s personal journal.

There once was a village far in the north, high up in a wide mountain valley. No one lives there these days, for now it is a forsaken place where nothing grows apart from tall tales and dark dreams. But it used to be bountiful and beautiful, a small sanctuary for living things, surrounded by steep slopes on all sides and accessible only through a narrow canyon. A secret place for a forgotten people. 

For this village stood in the shadow of a great beast.

From time to time the villagers would see it moving within the surrounding cliffs. An arm here, a tentacle there. An eye in the rock. Some fur in the moss. They grew fearful, for they did not understand these strange occurrences, and decided to set guards by their fields and raise walls around their village. Alas, the beast kept creeping closer and before long its presence was felt throughout the valley. The guards became active hunters, set to monitor the cliffs and slopes with the intent to drive out whatever horrors might lurk there. In time, their hunt was successful. They cut off an arm there, a tentacle here. Gouged out an eye in the rock. Ripped out some fur in the moss.

And by doing so, they incurred their own doom. For had they only understood the ways of this world, the fine balance that lies between survival and desolation, they would have seen the monster for what it truly was – a creature calling for help.

And now that village is no more. The valley reduced to a jumble of rocks – silent and lifeless – as is the way of those who do not heed the call of balance.

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